Worked hard for 20 years to buy luxury no longer have the drift!

March 19, 2017

for a drift of the people, are very difficult to buy a house in Beijing, let alone buy a house, house prices in Beijing have now let people flinch, but there are a couple of people worked hard for 20 years to buy luxury, one family can finally live half a catty of luxury!


2016 in March 31st, Beijing eastern city of Victoria, a high-end residential area, Ms. Gu guidance several porters will be customized furniture to the two floor. Early in the morning, Ms. Gu and her husband to clean up the new home, and a few days later, the family will move into the villa about twenty million yuan.

2006 for overheated real estate prices over the issue, the government introduced the six countries, requiring new commercial housing, the proportion of 90 square meters of housing must reach more than 70% of the total area of development and construction. Over the years this policy has been restricted to the large commercial housing supply on the market. At the same time as the supply of land in Beijing, fell within the city of Victoria, saturation volume rate, improve the type of high-end, customer groups and more and more, now Beijing, high-quality "luxury" project has undoubtedly become rare resources". So who bought the Beijing luxury house?

most of the buyers of psychological panic

"rich people are panic, now the real economy is not good, the money in hand is not worth the money." Yizhuang, a high-end real estate sales manager Liu Bo said. Ms. Ding at the end of last year Liu Bo introduced to his son and daughter, each bought a villa, at the price of nearly ten million yuan, less than half the time, each house rose about 1 million.

Mr. Zhao

almost disappeared in Beijing real estate group

85 full moon houzhao graduated from the University, began to engage in real estate sales, recall 2010 has just entered the industry "event", Zhao Yueyuan said, "at that time, the rich coal bosses to buy, bought several sets of sales, we are not talking. During that time the market is like that, full of real estate." With the gradual introduction of government procurement policy, Zhao Yueyuan has rarely seen such a customer.

"there is no so-called Wenzhou real estate group,   90% of customers to improve the type of buyers, will house as their first home in Beijing." The reason for the disappearance of the real estate group, sales manager Liu Bo said, "one is the purchase limit policy, now two first-tier cities house prices have been high, the amount of capital investment, long period, rational investors will not go up high." < recommended

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