Some methods and experience of small business

March 18, 2017

now society, small business has become the first choice for business people, at the same time in the whole social life, there are many different small business methods, then Xiaobian take you to see some small business methods.

grain or vegetable or, as long as the scale will gradually form the market surrounding. Around the "market" based on "service" the foundation of small businesses and the soil has been formed.

, a short distance traffic.

growers to thousands of households. Comparative dispersion. Each situation is different. Some people from the market close to home sellers easier or more strong labor. They sell themselves to the market. Some growers home from the market to the market far, not willing to sell. Some growers traffic inconvenience, the village is not easy. Children and people working in the field, the old man home sellers is not convenient and so on, this is not the only one.

is the actual demand, a tricycle or five wheeled vehicle, called on several robust and strong helper, a short distance traffic. Both serve the masses, rely on their own efforts to earn money, why not good?

The trick

two, the formation of working team.

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