Open a small travel supplies store a major cause of this

March 18, 2017

people’s economic situation is generally better, leisure time to travel, has become the choice of many people, after all, this can not only relax, but also to cultivate sentiment. And what business can do with a few million dollars? Basic necessities of life are closely linked with people’s life, since food is not controllable, it is better to do the activities associated with the journey. Tourism hot, not suitable for just entering the business of friends, but if you do a travel supplies store, I believe a few million is easy to get.

the positioning standard. "Travel goods" in addition to the use of long-distance trains, cars, ships, passenger necessities. It also includes personal, family, group adventure tourism supplies. The general has the following features: one is "full", a journey with something Everything is contained therein. especially, disposable utensils, disinfection and sterilization with cotton wool, paper napkin Goods are available in all varieties.

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service should be in place. Customers in the travel supplies shop to buy goods must be done three packs. In addition, it can make full use of the store’s ADSL Internet access system to provide customers with information on the tourist attractions. Simultaneous. What are the characteristics of scenic spots around the restaurant, where you can stay high, medium and low price it stores for customers booking tickets, commercial rental.

Professional adventure activities


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