Rural entrepreneurship potential project recommendation

March 18, 2017

2015, China’s overall economic situation continues to decline, GCP growth slowed, all walks of life feel ushered in an unprecedented winter. In this case, some people put their eyes on rural areas, hoping to find new opportunities for development.

this year and there are a lot of people home home, migrant workers in the city have said, not to do things on the outside, earn less. There are also people who do business outside, said the industry is now a big competition, business talks. There are a group of college students into the community, said many companies are now facing economic difficulties in the city, the work is more and more unstable. There are a lot of TV media is also the analysis of our economic situation, China’s economic growth overall downward trend. In this economic downturn in the market, more people began to choose to return to their hometown to find a good opportunity, so rural entrepreneurship has become a hot term in recent years.

back to the previous topic, rural entrepreneurs have a chance? You can actually find a way out in the countryside, a few years ago, popular people are flocking to the city, make the economy of our country has made rapid development, rapid economic development and at the same time, there will be surplus, resulting in all walks of life have begun to appear the phenomenon of saturation. At present, the national level is also supporting migrant workers, college students, such as returning home entrepreneurship. So back to the rural entrepreneurship is a good move. There are many ways out of the countryside, such as the following are some of the road for our people’s business:

now the increasingly in change, will see building new houses everywhere. Modern houses are becoming more and more beautiful, because the building materials are also more abundant, in the rural management of such a material store, business will be booming. Housing construction materials will be used a lot, such as ceramic tile, cement, tile, brick and other aspects of environmental protection, hardware products involved will be more, such as hydropower, door lock, decoration hardware, building decorative hardware, bathroom hardware and so on, with the construction and decoration industry development, the product style is more and more novel. Practicality will be more and more strong. Therefore, in the villages and towns can engage in a certain type of product monopoly or multi product integrated management.

rural banquet service

rural will often have some wine, do weddings and funerals, banquet will need some supplies, tools, equipment and so on the site, the tools needed in life a lot, but may not purchase a full one. Such tools and supplies can be used multiple times, conditional, you can invest ten thousand yuan or so, the purchase of some farmers will be used for rental, rent collection. There are many banquet rental items, such as inflatable arches, inflatable ball, banners, audio, cameras, kitchen utensils, tents, banquet feast with the table and stool and wine;   generally the banquet service is calculated by the day, each with a few thousand dollars profit down.

Township snacks

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