Some facts and suggestions on Catering Management

March 17, 2017

food and beverage market fire, then the investment to do catering business can really make money? Some restaurants restaurants such huge crowds of people, can make a lot of money? If you do not understand, you can choose a restaurant brand to join cooperation?…… For food and beverage business, and now there are too many mistakes in the market sense, leading to a growing number of entrepreneurs are still going to the wrong, below, the small series on the food and beverage business to introduce some of the truth and suggestions.

1, the industry is very deceptive, huge crowds of people on the surface, the gross margin is very high, generally 60-70%, because the rent, labor, utilities Bu, business tax, equipment depreciation decoration, in fact, the pure rate of so little.

2, the taste is very important, there is no secret people don’t say a dumpling shop like dumplings, rice like Yoshinoya, rice is better than real Kung Fu, such as delicious pizza hut. Yoshinoya in order to protect the secret, even the soup ladle is made of small package material transported from Japan, even do not know Chinese Yoshinoya composition and ratio. Those who can’t cook, even different brands of soy sauce with spices taste is not the same people who do not know, motionless like a cow X shop, I see the straight laugh. This is not only want to you, but they also want to go to the manager, the manager, your probability of success is much smaller.

3, don’t trust your eyes, sometimes you look very good business, perhaps to the off-season business plummeted, unless you intend to do 6 months a year. For example, ice cream, drinks and so on, in the winter when the door is not open, because the money is not enough to pay wages and water and electricity, would rather not rent the rent.

4, don’t be too superstitious is not afraid of deep alley, and money can make the classic theory of business talks. If you shop in 2004, in the SOHO, the Pan Shi Yi, 2 million is enough for you to pay for half a year, who are all killed, of course, now seems a good point. When the SOHO business department desperately invite KFC, McDonald’s, Yoshinoya, Pizza Hut and other well-known brands to stay, they are responsible for the location of the staff to look at the left, then the results are basically in the novice, half the time, almost all the shops in the 2 round. 60 thousand people a day commitment to commercial street traffic, the results after the opening in addition to internal staff, less than 50 people. Don’t think KFC site personnel is to eat plain white rice, others are afraid to do master, rookie more courage to die sooner.

5, if you really have to do, be sure to put half of the money in the bank, in case there is no way to open shop. Those who easily take parents capital and mortgage of young people, the general consequences are I feel shy to say. Because I’m too impulsive, burn money, want to have less failure.

6, don’t think that money can make a good chef, if >

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