The success of 9 creative marketing case of Alipay share

March 17, 2017

now has a mobile phone, mobile payment has become a trend, the market application of Alipay is very extensive, many people only know the Alipay payment function, but Alipay is also creative marketing experts, be too numerous to enumerate a successful marketing case.


No one in the supermarket China

24 hours

in June this year, the ant’s Sesame credit payment service to do a social experiment, they tried two unmanned supermarkets in Beijing, Hangzhou, the so-called no supermarket, the store is not the waiter, don’t pay the money, how much money paid by the customer to decide. The camera recorded everything that was going on inside, and most of the customers chose to pay in good faith.

Alipay a micro-blog and WeChat, said to recruit several fans, a restaurant and ask them to go to Shanghai to eat. Shanghai is located in the new world for their cooking is an Italian restaurant, the upcoming opening of the Michelin chef.

1 dollars, I want to go! Combined with the general and delicacy had an unexpected effect, although the Alipay ads, but the restaurant is absolutely to the fire.

light entertainment spiritI heard that in

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