Sixth the 2016 National Exhibition of kitchen facilities and water purification equipment

March 17, 2017

exhibition time: March 30, 2016 to


organizer: Zhengzhou Business Advertising Co.,

The center of China area

2011 years, with the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone "was formally incorporated into the" China mfrp ", the national support funds over 1000 billion yuan, standing up to the national strategic level, Zhengzhou and even the whole economic development in the central region to usher in a new opportunity. March 2016 is the season of Spring returns to the earth, Everything looks fresh and gay., is undoubtedly the best season of a year is a new investment, will choose the best period of supply and demand, trade negotiations, and lay a solid foundation for the 2016 decoration materials. More than 100 million the hospitality of the people in Henan are open arms, we sincerely invite you to come.

2016 of the national kitchen facilities and water purification equipment exhibition organized by the famous bathroom appliances, magazines, relying on the famous series of magazines of strong brand, influence and strong customer resources, close cooperation between business advertising companies and various industry associations and international media, real estate developers, decoration companies, sanitary ware, kitchen electric, water purification equipment enterprises, build efficient information service system. For the whole industry chain of kitchen and bathroom enterprises to provide resource integration, brand building, network interaction, magazine promotion, exhibition organized by the trinity of marketing services platform. Will provide the full range of services, efficient and convenient professional downstream customers and consumers, while Chinese kitchen industry vane.

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