What are the label placement techniques

March 17, 2017

is now a lot of commodity is the price tag, but you, even super, will price the wrong things. So, do not look at a small label, but also has the skills to display. In fact, the price tag price tag should be complete, the price is really clear, clear handwriting, tag bit, eye-catching mark.

price changes shall be adjusted and expressed in a timely manner. Therefore, the label is also a customer manager to visit the long-term focus of attention. Daily visits, the account manager should be more communication, maintenance, and skillfully placed. Really play its "small label, big market" role. The usual visit should pay attention to the details of the label placement:

1. price tag must be placed in correspondence with the goods, can not leak, but can not be misplaced.

2. should be the price tag positive towards the customer, can not be placed sideways or upside down.

3. mark the location of the display to be uniform, up and down to align, so eye-catching, neat, beautiful, horizontal line, vertical row.

4. to avoid the same kind of goods appear next to two name and the same specifications but the retail price of different price tag, otherwise easy to mislead consumers, causing unnecessary trouble.

5. finishing the counter, use a clean dry cloth to wipe the price tag, keep it clean and tidy.

6. should regularly arrange the price tag, such as retail price changes, should be promptly adjusted, replace the price tag.

do not look at just a small label, how to put this is very skilled. After all, the impact of small labels for the store business is not the same, therefore, want to make the label really help the development of the store’s business, naturally also need to grasp the label placement skills.

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