The promotion or resort to deceit

March 17, 2017

talk about the promotion, it can be said to penetrate into every corner of our lives, a lot of people in the daily consumption will encounter such a situation. However, even the promotion, there will be a different situation. Perhaps in order to attract customers, many of the shops will carry out some resort to deceit promotion, in fact, this promotion really intolerable.

recently, the city center can be seen everywhere discount advertising. I have noted that the madness of the business is really a lot of words: full 200 to send, buy one to send one, as low as 150, the number of people to buy one to send one to one, as low as 80 percent off"…… Business promotion activities to promote commodity circulation, stimulating consumption, prosperity and other markets have played a positive role. However, some businesses in the promotion, there are more or less irregularities.

, for example, "200" to the "150" is not in fact cash, but a few different amount of vouchers, but not all at once; "buy" evacuation "one" is actually a cheap little gift; "low to 80 percent off" is just one of the few goods, or other the original price……

business promotion activities must face long-term interests and short-term interests of the relationship, that is, can not lose the watermelon picking sesame seeds". Compared with the image of the business, reputation of the big watermelon, popularity can only be regarded as sesame. Blindly to gather popularity and reduce their grades, give up their image and reputation, then the business will sooner or later disappear".

some businesses believe that now consumers can know much, for a new product more "do not know much, so is often the point when consumers to make fun of; also some businesses in order to obtain profits, sales of counterfeit goods. In fact, this is very stupid practice. Because consumers are the backing of the business, the business of all profits are from consumers, the loss of consumers, businesses who earn money?

do a good job promotion, pocket will be more ",", but real, shoddy, would be less "integrity". Which of these points is important? Which should be given priority? Everyone must be clear in mind. So, no matter what business, integrity is the most critical.

even if the promotion is not good faith, so how to promote the promotion of consumer recognition? How can such promotion business be hot? In a word, can engage in promotion, but the promotion is absolutely intolerable, a resort to deceit! Because faith is holding a ruler in the hands of consumers, a businessman, if credibility did not, it is difficult to stage a comeback. So, businesses only choose to establish credibility, integrity, honesty, consolidate and improve the integrity and credibility in order to win the competition in the market, improve the visibility and reputation, in order to improve their competitiveness, so as to win the market, healthy and lasting development.


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