Haier commercial solar refrigerator sales boom set off this summer

March 16, 2017

2015 summer has come early, many businesses launched a refrigerator made cold drink business, where electricity is not a small expenditure. Haier group launched a new product – solar refrigerator, to achieve zero power consumption, attract a lot of attention.

ten patents, to create zero energy products

the overall structure and solar panels, transmission machinery, mechanical and micro control system, cooling system, power supply system, power system, priority of solar panels by folding a number of patented technologies."

is relying on a number of technical innovation, Haier solar refrigerator has been introduced by the wide attention of international famous company. In 2010 April, the Coca Cola Co made a special trip to Haier communication team, solar energy drinks cabinet cooperation; in August 2011, Nestle company to Haier’s request, in the hope that the solar refrigerator and Haier have further cooperation.

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