Xuzhou college students’ Entrepreneurship certificate 25 day annual audit work

March 15, 2017

mentioned entrepreneurship can not say that college students entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is regarded as the most active development of a new China entrepreneurship. Xuzhou city college student entrepreneurs note that from this month 25 days, Xuzhou City College Students’ Entrepreneurship certificate will start the annual work, if not examined the original documents will be invalid.

"business card" is in the valid certificate of College Students’ self employment Xu enjoy relevant preferential policies for entrepreneurship. To apply for the establishment of enterprises, vouchers and relevant materials to the administrative service center of Xuzhou city college students special window, go through formalities for enterprise registration, and enjoy tax relief policies and regulations and "Easy Access" service; has been opened to the enterprise, can certificate and related materials, apply to enjoy discount loans, tax rebates, social security subsidies, entrepreneurship training, personnel and labor relations and the relevant agency rewards and other preferential policies; assigned to students Pioneering Park enterprises, but also enjoy free three year 20 square meters of office space and business training before the start of economic subsidies, housing subsidies and other more preferential policy treatment.

"business card" issued since the date is valid for three years, the implementation of the inspection system, without inspection or examination unqualified, invalid documents. According to the "Xuzhou City entrepreneurship certificate < > management measures (Trial)" the provisions of college students entrepreneurship service center is to carry out the "Xuzhou entrepreneurship certificate" 2015 annual work, in order to simplify work processes, to provide convenience for the students, the opening of the Xuzhou students’ entrepreneurial Net Limited channel, the holder can be directly Declaration on the Internet, such as the stamped chapter examined can carry business cards to college students’ Entrepreneurship Service Center for the city.

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