Shop to do business to greet customers

March 15, 2017

we often find such a group of people in our life, commonly known as "killer chat", no matter what kind of topic, as long as they put in a word, let others can’t take it. If the business is the same, no doubt. Therefore, the shop to do business really need to be good at greeting customers.

as the saying goes, "a man without a smiling face Hugh shop", that is to say, the customer into the store to smile, say two intimate words. Some customers would complain: look at the owner’s son, open the coffin shop like a child. The coffin shop is "the door towards the inside" business, regardless of the attitude, you have to buy; open retail stores are facing "business, intense competition, if you see a customer, your attitude a little wrong, they will be able to leave immediately.

customers into the store, your attitude, is the first impression to the customer, the impression is good, business transactions, and vice versa. Customer first saw you, if you pass a warm word, can let the customer feel, a respected feeling will arise spontaneously, imperceptibly and close to you a bit.

"well, your child is really beautiful, a pair of big eyes is really juicy, a look that is a clever boy!" A lady got into the shop with a child, when I heard a spinless shopkeeper. The lady, his eyes was turned into a "bend beans", the 32 step walk to the shelf, and the children happily provoke goods. Use this method to praise the child, than to exaggerate is happy, who do not want their children to pretty, clever, the sentence is "flexible" to a proper extent to the "itch" people heart, who can you not happy.

the owner of the store is actually a way, the customer into the store just say let them happy, therefore, to buy things, to buy some more will naturally or half unconsciously, including some of the usually reluctant to sell, then of course, some of the generous. But if the customer has bought the goods, you praise, that is the "heat". Therefore, the customer into the store for the first time in the warm words is very important, not only to decide what to buy, how many customers to buy, but also determines the fate of the customer.

although many shopkeepers know that they need to speak, however, for those who do not shop into the shop is easy to ignore, in fact, this approach will also affect the store’s business. So, our retail customers and remember, that is the customer into the store, whether he is not to buy things, you must have passion for, equally, not even if he does not buy with special respect, today, does not represent later or never buy, you start to be off the attitude, but also determines the future can the retail store bigger and stronger.

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