Chinese boys were admitted to the University of the most difficult to get a 2 million scholarship

March 15, 2017

Chongqing, a boy is known as the world’s most difficult to enroll in college admissions, the school is lower than the Harvard admission rate. And the boy also received a full scholarship of about 2 million yuan.

last admission rate of 3.7%, far below the rate of 5.33% last year admitted to the Harvard University at the New York University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (NYUAD) is one of the most difficult test of schools in the world. According to the Chongqing Morning News reported on 18, 16, Chongqing foreign language school high grade 2016 class He Qixiao, become Chongqing city this year, only admitted to the school students, and $304 thousand (about 2 million yuan) full scholarship.


which is located in the United Arab Emirates University admission rate is even lower than the Harvard University, is one of the world’s most difficult test of the university. Xiao Qi scholarship why it provides $76 thousand per year (4 years, $304 thousand), including 4 years in the future all the tuition, meals, lodging, travel abroad, extracurricular activities, medical insurance and transportation costs, even pocket money, every year there are two round-trip tickets home Zhang Abu Dhabi.

1.82 meters tall He Qixiao, tall and skinny, wearing black rimmed glasses, spoke a bit too fast. When he was in Grade 5, he had a great interest in mathematics.

"once, the teacher in the classroom, everyone by common consent to gives the same answer, I only gave a different answer." He Qixiao said, the teacher did not suppress his enthusiasm, let him on the platform to show their problem-solving ideas, which gave me a lot of encouragement."

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