Coco Chanel my fashion classic

March 15, 2017

perhaps, in our pursuit of success on the road, showing courage is not a difficult thing. In the process of trying to become a lawyer, a professor, a web designer, a hair stylist, we have to face some challenges, and we have to meet a new level, we must meet and overcome these challenges.

but cocoa – Chanel is not afraid of going to another position. During her long life, she is always very outspoken. In order to prevent so she can’t not reflect the great achievements in this aspect, the move you, please consider now the best-selling book for an immense number of books, women can not speak their mind, and to discuss, to feel someone to listen to the heart of circumstances will realize their own ideas.

Stendhal (novel "red and black" of the author, is standing in the forefront in the era of the people) was a famous saying, that is the best way to offend a Parisian is to make her the way of getting along with people kind. From this point of view, there is no chance to offend miss Chanel. In order to maintain the integrity of

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