Secret courier station profit source

March 15, 2017

it is understood that a small courier station, earnings can exceed one million, it may sound like some incredible, but it is true. In order to understand the courier station to earn millions of years of mystery, let us look at the source of the courier station has what.

A, the main business, also known as the sending and receiving mail, to collect the weight of 1 kg express as an example, the cost of 5 yuan (2 yuan list and delivery costs 1 yuan, 1 yuan and other shipping costs 1 yuan), the general charge customers 10 yuan, courier station can earn 5 yuan. At the same time, the heavier the weight of the courier, but also need to collect fees, the standard is 6 – 8 yuan / kg, while the courier station to pay the cost of only $1 / kg. In addition, each station express delivery of a shipment, the franchisee will pay 1 yuan commission.

now number then sent various courier companies pieces are large, in Tianjin, the average number of courier to send pieces in 150, received a number of 100, so a point deduction to express courier wages and routine costs, net profit of fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan a month is not a problem.

three forms, fees are not the same, the first and two higher fees, as each business enterprise publicity time number and coverage express depends on how much the number of charges. Only advertising business, if properly operated, can earn 1 – $20 thousand per month.

three, sales, mainly refers to the packaging box sales, general price 2, 2.5 yuan, gross profit rate is 100% – 150%. Don’t underestimate the income is low, but the market demand is very big, you think, a courier almost every day received hundreds of pieces of mail, a courier station four or five general courier, this is the four hundred or five hundred express, nearly 80% of the customers will not be ready to express their packaging, a day of gross sales is three hundred or four hundred yuan a month just million yuan, a year there are more than ten million revenue.

four, sales network, express the greatest resource is a delivery team, for the enterprise, residents of Men Erqing, occasionally do some part-time delivery of content, such as help some takeaway business lunch time room, although not mainstream, but every month there are thousands of yuan of income these will be enough money management fees, rent, utilities and other offset.

how small courier station profitability must Bukexiaoqu, its source of profit is quite rich, there are many.

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