Tea should be careful to join

March 15, 2017

tea market is good, a lot of people to see the opportunities, want to invest in a franchise brand of tea, but tea stores can not open open, which also need attention in many places, the following small for everyone introduced.

1, exaggerating the company’s origins

when you begin to contact the tea, you will find that when you consult the company, many companies will join the company advertised their products are diverse, experienced and in fact a lot of remains to be verified. Therefore, when you have to do to avoid a tea shop to join this anti bluff tea company, join the famous tea brand to find a reliable join, like Ming Shan ecological tea has a good reputation, "the original ecological health" has become a general consensus, and the board of directors of the company is long the tea industry is called "ecological tea", to ensure the quality of tea is a popular tea brand identity.

2, false advertising

is a brand to expand, advertising is a must, however, a real famous brand of tea, advertising is not a lie, but often some tea enterprises are in the advertisement a lot of false information, the franchisee must polish his eyes, when joining in tea to join, makes an investigation and analysis of the true and false join the brand, must not be hasty decision.

3, the development history of the company

join in tea, Tieguanyin tea enterprises to join in, many will say that the history of their own business development is rich, but in fact, many of them are exaggeration, the franchisee must beware of the trap of tea brand to join in, to discern the truth.

4, find childcare appearances It is often seen.

some tea enterprises to outlets or stores business set off their own, will find some support to make up the scene, tea to join, in fact, franchisees see business flourishing scene many are false, therefore, the franchisees headquarters in the outlets or stores can be carried out unannounced visits "to see the tea shop business is really good.

5, no gold certificate of honor

some tea enterprises to show their strength, through a variety of means to spend money to buy honor, and some franchisees will be misled by these honors, tea to join, but actually it is not the gold content of the certificate of honor, here to remind the franchisee, a national certification, government approved certificate gold content comparison high.

above is about the shop need to pay attention to the prevention of some small traps, only in-depth understanding clearly, so I >

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