Ceramic tile enterprise two-child policy need to focus

March 15, 2017

is the focus of all attention in recent two-child policy, now two-child policy loosening, but also to many industries to bring the opportunity, the ceramic tile industry is one of them. Put two-child policy, there is no doubt that the population will increase, industry opportunities are greatly enhanced, which is the perception of the truth. Tile enterprises can not be too happy, but also need to seize the key in order to achieve efficient development of enterprises.

ceramic tile industry

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sure green product standards are not the same, but will emphasize the product must have the characteristics conducive to human health and environmental protection. According to the WHO white paper shows that the world’s 2/3 buildings in the air harmful gases exceeded. The development direction of the implementation of green tile products is in line with the interests of the consumer market and industry in the direction of sustainable development, the country is imperative.

network has been integrated into the lives of ordinary people. In this regard, the communique further put forward the implementation of network strategy, the implementation of the "Internet plus" action plan, the development of shared economy, the implementation of the national strategy for big data. The sharing economy is

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