52PK was the new network game network domain name expired registration renewal

March 15, 2017

October 8th

News 8 users reflect. Media group’s 52PK game network page can not normally access, the domain name is currently in the state park.

told reporters, a recent renewal time is October 7, 2012, but the Registrar by Chongqing Tianji Network Limited company has become the Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd., informed sources said, because the domain name expires is not normal to renew, the domain name has been registered by the new network company.


as of press time reporter, 52PK game network did not give a positive response.

It is reported that

52PK, the full name of "Chinese senior game player game network game network", was founded in 2002, with news, games, Download cluster, new games, community forums, online and offline activities such as many columns for users to browse and use. (end)

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