Hot pot can also send you know

March 15, 2017

accompanied by the rise of the food and beverage industry in the form of o2o, no matter what kind of food and beverage items are competing to join the takeaway army, so that you can not think of the hot pot can also be sent out. This is a new situation of food and beverage innovation, why would such a change? Just follow me, let’s see.

delivery and delivery Hot pot cooked food is essentially different; since it is to do takeout, distribution is the key, but he did not make a positioning for the company to run errands, and they may be out of home, and delicacy hungry this kind of takeaway platform different model, because of the special Hot pot category and his understanding about Hot pot this is the format, he emphasized the platform advantages and the real threshold.

Chengdu good food and beverage market environment

first, consumption habits, Sichuan people prefer spicy, spicy flavor Hot pot are more likely to survive; and because of this habit will also pull the overall high frequency of consumption, according to business data, Chengdu average of one or two times a week to eat Hot pot, in the country the frequency is relatively high.

secondly, the market capacity, in the public comment on Chengdu has 8788 hot pot restaurants, and search Beijing hot pot shop data is 6580, the volume of a single area and the prospect is considerable. It is not difficult to understand why Chengdu so many stores can survive the inevitable Hot pot is the user needs a lot and differences, also is unlike Chinese dishes in the Hot pot, very standardized, mining with little influence by the regional environment, so they can be very easy and fast to open stores, such as the little sheep has set up 15 years has been more than and 500 the store, this rate is relatively rare in the catering industry.

why need to send the platform outside the hot pot

from the user point of view, avoid queuing or purchasing food and preparation time, convenient Hot pot is popular demand, he found that there are existing subdivision requirements through the data: for more than 30 years of relatively strong economic strength and has a child home users, they do not love to take the children to the noisy Hot pot shop. Hot pot delivery happened at the same time to meet the "quality + convenient + quiet" demand.

key from the business perspective, the first, business distribution ability and service ability is not necessary, not the logistics environment; the catering industry, the restaurant food hall began service into the shop and finally go out, if Hot pot stores do takeout is usually at a loss, because it itself has been in rent, labor, utilities and other bear cost and delivery of Hot pot; although timeliness requirements are not high, but the threshold is high, the ordinary restaurant takeout can please part-time or attendants use free time, but it is difficult to send Hot pot to do so. Such as delivery service in Chengdu launched the first Hot pot merchants Western Sichuan Bazi got a Hot pot, a special delivery team, however, to test the water delivery in less than a month.

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