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March 15, 2017

fast pace of life let us pay more attention to the pursuit of leisure life leisure time. A coffee shop is a place where you can enjoy a comfortable and comfortable environment when you are busy and tired. MAAN COFFEE has been in line with the most elegant environment for people to rest, high-quality coffee dessert, training the most qualified practitioners to provide high-end coffee shop. Since the first coffee shop business since the quality of coffee and the service has been recognized by the people, we will always be in good faith attitude towards sustainable development.

how about coffee? How much does it cost?

coffee to join the advantages of

1. has a brand image, one by one, in the help of the headquarters of the fast track into the brand management, benefit from the importance of brand strategy, brand management is an inevitable trend in the development of the Pearl industry.

2. get advertising and promotional support, Corps operations, reduce advertising costs, to achieve better results.

3. professional training, and provide quality assurance products.


4. franchisee’s system operation can reduce some of the day-to-day management of the franchisee.

5. get the latest product design style.

6. to reduce its overall cost, investment risk is effectively controlled, increasing the chance of success.

7. market information resources sharing, to ensure the first grasp of investment opportunities.

coffee to join the cost of

brand name: coffee to join

enterprise nature: private

brand: Beijing

total number of stores: 50

registered capital: 1 million

join fee: 20-40 yuan

business model: direct, chain

joined the region: China (part of the region to join)

headquarters address: No. 2, Fu Fu Temple, Beijing, Haidian District,

believes that through the introduction of the cost and the introduction of the advantages of joining the coffee, you have a certain brand of coffee

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