Disabled entrepreneurial guy people always want to do a thing

March 15, 2017

never even left the wheelchair, 80 disabled guy Wang Linfeng did not give up the pursuit of life value. He sat in a wheelchair, the pursuit of the Internet entrepreneurial dream, start their own business.

in Longgang District of Shenzhen City Ping Street District twenty-two a small shop, dozens of colorful and exquisite handmade paintings will adorn the walls of a new old. In the back with hand painted semi-finished table, sitting in a wheelchair, buried in a pile of golden thread in the community, is the famous arts and Crafts Master Wang Linfeng.

1984, a small village. Wang Linfeng was born in Henan, at the age of 1, because of a medical accident did not receive timely treatment of permanent disability: Lumbar severely deformed legs can not walk, a physically disabled.

8 years ago, Wang Linfeng came to Shenzhen in a wheelchair, followed by his brother working in the factory. But in the eyes of friends, he is always "weak", need special care, everyone rushing to help him finish the work of the hands, but Wang Linfeng does not want to idle away in the youth. "Although my legs inconvenient, but I still have my hands and minds. I have to rely on their own hard life, so as to live a valuable! "

in this named Yiyuan crafts room, Wang Linfeng mainly engaged in homemade Cloisonne filigree sand, scattered job often pick up some hand-painted. On the one hand, he worked with a number of handicraft manufacturers, on the other hand, he also opened his own shop. For more than a year, Wang Linfeng co production and sales of more than and 400 pieces of cloisonne sand, it takes at least seven or eight hours every day in the color bar in the sand. Now, Wang Linfeng not only find their own way to make a living, but also often received orders to their neighbors to do.

"self-sufficiency is not a problem!" Wang Linfeng said, but he is still planning a larger business, such as distribution of water purifier, health tea through the internet. "Now the Internet is becoming more and more developed, I have to catch up with this trend."

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