A measure of what you are missing

March 15, 2017

countless people are talking about the determination to start a business, but the real success of the people are very few, only a small part of the real embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and the success is even less. The reason, of course, is a small part, then to measure a test to see what you are missing!

to start you, what is missing?


to entrepreneurs and suggestions: 1) the mobile Internet era, the most important ability of the products, 2) saw the future trend is more important than ideas; 3) to find business opportunities we must seize the opportunity, every business has a time window, so you will not be the core of the team; 4) is particularly important, recruit people to complement the option to generous; 5) with the full promotion platform, and platform to avoid competition; 6) to make the products available in the shortest time, then iterative improvement based on user data.

the start-up stage, an important task is to learn how to describe the future of CEO, the description is very good, let all heard people want to follow you; business success, a major task is how to allocate the achievements, honor your commitment; after cash, with part of the core team set up a venture fund, to help more people to success.

Three basic qualities:

1, the boss of the company, after the success of the strategic system, the next step is to grasp the details. 2, for the number one, you should find out the most critical details personally. 3, work or down to earth, from small to good. 4, be sure to put your first to find out, this is the difference of marketing law. 5, test market (pilot) not fast, not slow the national market (promotion).

So now you

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