Three buddy quit business selling business is hot shrimp

March 15, 2017

in life there are always some people is our example, they are not satisfied with the status quo, always dare to try new things, such as today to say the three young boys, they resigned from the state-owned enterprises, with the business opened a shrimp cake shop, business is very hot, the achievements of a legendary story, let’s take a look at the following!

if still in the state-owned enterprises, Liu Yuzhou has always been under the umbrella of "drag out an ignoble existence feeling". In the first to find a job, the parents and the majority of people to "stable" by selection of state-owned enterprises to him, in his opinion, the future is no comfort at all, let the Internet to subvert the organization is no longer important, people become more and more important to "share" for the purpose of corporate advantage is no longer.

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