Wendeng business incubator base has settled in Weihai 62

March 15, 2017

entrepreneurial activities to support the majority of entrepreneurs, each region invariably establish another batch of business incubators, provide help for a customer in infrastructure and exclusive service platform, to promote faster growth of entrepreneurial team mode.

"service business" is always adhere to the theme of the business incubator. In the "government + professional operation" mode, Weihai city Wendeng district business incubators to strictly implement the policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation, organize a series of employment training activities, to provide quality services to have entrepreneurial aspirations of entrepreneurs, build the incubation platform for growth.

since May 2014 and put into use, Wendeng business incubator has 62 enterprises settled for every entrepreneur needs, Wendeng business incubators are carried out including policy consulting, business registration, tax registration, expert guidance, financial support, project promotion, personnel exchanges and other services, has held 22 entrepreneurial training class the training of more than 1 thousand and 100 students, more than 20 students have registered at the base set up his own company. They also carry out the "whole private customized tracking is introduced, reduce business costs, reduce business risk, by creating a professional business atmosphere, to speed up the cultivation of entrepreneurial talents, accelerated the accumulation of outstanding entrepreneurial projects. Incubators specially set up a passenger station, to provide equal easy start-up entrepreneurial atmosphere, they can find here, looking for investment project.

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