What personal entrepreneurship

March 15, 2017

nine to five, boring and low wages, the resignation of entrepreneurship and don’t know what to choose? Today, Xiao Bian will bring you to explore a number of options for personal entrepreneurship.

of general office workers, using their professional experience and own vendor resources, entrepreneurial attempt to increase revenue in the work time, is a good way to start. In fact, there is no risk or risk is small, but should deal with the relationship between their own work and entrepreneurship.

in the commodity market

B itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss B own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

in hypermarkets rent a court venture


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