Online entrepreneurship center provides guidance for College Students

March 15, 2017

after graduation embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, which is the common pursuit of countless college students, but because they do not understand the business, leading to do not know how to achieve their entrepreneurial ideals. To this end, the country is the establishment of a variety of related institutions, so as to meet the needs of more college students entrepreneurship. Among them, the Hefei online Entrepreneurship Center for college students to provide guidance, will allow more students to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

has always wanted to open a shop, but do not know how to operate, and now these problems can be solved in the online business center." Recently, in the window of the world of Shushan Innovation Industrial Park online entrepreneurship center, college students listen to the quiet side of the technical staff to explain the entrepreneurial center, while filling in the application form. This year just graduated from the static bent to participate in free online entrepreneurship training, open their own clothing shop.

the number of college graduates this year, more than a year, many college students will have no way to solve the problem of entrepreneurship and employment is not widely. To this end, we make full use of their own advantages, and business incubation base window of the world innovation industrial park work together to set up a ‘online business center’." Shushan District, South Street, seven relevant responsible person said.

It is reported that

, the business center is located in Mount Huangshan road in Hefei City, mainly for college graduates and school leavers unemployed all kinds of social groups to build the integration of "training practice entrepreneurship" online business service platform. It is reported that the trainees after training, you can choose to engage in online transactions in the practice base, greatly saving transaction costs, but also get professional guidance. At present, the center has more than 30 entrepreneurs to sign up, including both college graduates and laid-off workers, etc..

in addition to the establishment of a center framework, besides providing guidance for more college students venture, to achieve seamless people and jobs, the street has also set up employment training service center for students, with the unit set up practice base in the area, the students first study and Practice on the base of zero distance with people contact unit, convenient inspection by the employer, to fully grasp the students’ ability to adapt to the job. Two months, more than 20 college students have successfully entered employment.

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