Oprah’s legendary life

March 15, 2017

Oprah, a legendary woman, a legend, created a number of miracles, accompanied by countless people’s lives, for countless people with the hope of life! Let us walk into Oprah’s legendary life!

she is the American dream notes from the girl girl to host the world’s most influential self struggle, affecting millions of americans.

she is shaping the American mainstream culture, her love of books will become the best-selling book title, her love of music will be sold.

she is American media legend, in the heyday of gorgeous, put your name into a three-dimensional brand.

see full page reports about Oprah recently in the "New York Times", the title is "standing at the crossroads of Oprah". The newspaper Oprah wearing a light green dress, appeared in their own in good out of a bandbox magazine annual meeting.

"New York Times" commented, "Oprah, the past 5 days in a week in the face of applause from the audience, since she left 18 months before his talk show, get enthusiastic response less chance."

launched at the beginning, the ratings are not ideal. To reverse the situation, Orap management, and personally presided over a new weekly chat show "Oprah’s new chapter", in order to continue to attract a large number of fans. But she has not been in order to attract attention and change their true nature, she still adhering to the "people’s lives do Taiwan sunshine" purpose, close to the lives of women to make serious subjects and become an independent school.

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