Tibetan cultural products franchise development prospects

March 15, 2017

is now giving gifts to send gifts, with national characteristics of Tibetan cultural products popular, become a beautiful jewelry industry landscape. Countless entrepreneurs aimed at the wealth of this industry, but also want to share a cup of soup.

however, now the scene is relatively rare, because there is no legitimate business qualification, roadside selling Tibetan jewelry became the object of urban combat, and the products they sell is difficult to meet the higher level of consumer demand.

now Tibetan cultural products have entered the store. Beijing Zhaxidele Tibetan Culture Communication Co., the company by virtue of joining the development chain, has begun to take shape. The chairman Zhang Ren after 4 years of market baptism, concluded that the Tibetan cultural product market is now in the bull market, because " " management of Tibetan culture on the scale of the company products is not much, so the market competition is not fierce.

Tibetan has a custom, handmade products and accessories is the home is a symbol of family wealth. At present, the market saw Tibetan culture products are part of a family is from the Tibetan, the volume of these products is not large.

The characteristics of

" Tibetan culture is a high profit industry, not many people cut the cake. " Zhang Ren to say, because each product has its own unique external characteristics and internal meaning, market competition is not fierce, so I decided to hide the cultural products of the high profit space.

analysis project

Zhaxidele to dig behind every product of different stories, these stories and Tibet local customs and practices combine to give unique spiritual products.

Ms. Hou Shandong

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