Car beauty franchise business in the process of three

March 14, 2017

chose to join the venture such a road, this will be able to enjoy a lot of service support, the shop is not a problem, the key is the specific operation of the store. In short, car beauty stores, to provide technical support to entrepreneurs, such as the other store location we feel complicated things, but when we don’t have these worries, car stores are not newspaper white disease, car beauty shops in the operation, should also pay attention to the following effect, this paper summarizes the "three for you".


ring diandaqike

this phenomenon has two essential factors: one is the new owner of the door, do not want to consume, the beautician will then received poor attitude, treat customers with contempt eyes, let customers have a discharge door like the deep sea "and" Thriller ", so that more people are deterred; two and the owner of the dispute or meet customer praise, chain stores or Jiaolai, or rude, or ignore, let the customer have no complaints, only praise or the media exposure to the management department, and even car beauty stores V court.

two quit improper

good car beauty shop franchise on behalf of technician is good, the only car beauty stores as well as a bridge of communication with customers, their quality is related to the beauty salon of vital importance. But there are a lot of car beauty stores because of their own reasons, not to employ the outstanding beauty technicians, can only make some employee or family to act as an apprentice hairdresser customer service.

this way, because the car beauticians lack of expertise, lack of views on the product, also can not grasp the characteristics of products and the role of anti manipulation is greatly damage the loopholes appear one after another, the interests of customers. More beautician eyes stared at the "Yuan", customers pay jubilantly, customers do not pay is supercilious opposite in the beauty parlor is usual, casual chat, noisy and scurry around noisy, said customers and other employees are not many, "I am × × × I am afraid" posture, not only let customers off, let colleagues hate.

so, car beauty shops in the hiring of personnel, must be strictly. Not only the requirements of master professional beautician one-sided, also need to have a good personality quality, good reputation to create beauty salons.

three hygiene

customers to car beauty shop consumption, not just the maintenance needs, but also hope to have a clean and warm environment, in order to grasp the skin, pay close attention to the mood.

but there are a lot of car beauty stores and places due to environmental constraints, environmental health condition is very bad in the air are recommended:

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