SATURDAY SIX: Six Disneyland Snacks You Gotta Try

By on December 21, 2019

first_imgShare This!This week’s SATURDAY SIX takes a look at Six Disneyland Snacks You Gotta Try! Longtime readers of the SATURDAY SIX know that we have a big case of the munchies going on 24/7. In fact, because of the articles on The 10 Gallon Challenge at Whispering Canyon and the E-Ticket milkshakes at Universal’s Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, this fine blog series is now the third leading cause of adult onset diabetes in America (and look out soda, we’re coming for you!) This week however we are gonna head across the country over to Guy Selga’s neck of the woods and check out the tasty treats at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. Despite having only two parks compared to our four here in Florida, the Disneyland resort is chock full of incredibly unique and delicious items that you can only get out in California. This week we are going to look at six of our absolute favorite snacks, so sit back, loosen your belt a couple notches, and let’s begin our list with…# 6 Matterhorn MacaroonThe Matterhorn Macaroon in front of the fabled Matterhorn itself. (photo by Brandon Glover)–If you go to Disneyland and don’t stop by the Jolly Holiday Bakery to get a Matterhorn Macaroon, you’re doing it wrong. A coconut macaroon shaped like the iconic Disney mountain, topped with white chocolate, and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top for an awesome snow-like appearance, the Matterhorn Macaroon is ultimate in synergy between theme park attractions and snacks. Oh, and it just so happens to taste GREAT.–# 5 – Mickey BeignetsMickey Beignet. (photo by Megan Stump)–Eventually we’ll be doing a blog on our favorite Mickey shaped food items, but one of our favorites is the sugary concoction found at the Mint Julep Bar or Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square (the latter of which serves them with dipping sauces.) We often find ourselves stopping by Port Orleans French Quarter just to grab some beignets here in Florida, so seeing them in the classic Mickey shape in Anaheim brings two of our favorite things together in one. Now that’s synergy we can get behind. Even better, Disneyland also offers flavored beignets such as pumpkin spice during Halloween and peppermint for the Christmas season.A Mickey Beignet in New Orleans Square, hard to beat that. (photo by Sarah Kong)–# 4 – Exotic ChurrosWhile we haven’t scientifically proven this to be true, many people know the long held “fact” that in Walt Disney World there are trash cans are located no more than 30 steps apart from each other. A lesser known fact is that churros are available no more than 20 steps away from each other. They’re everywhere, and we love them! However, it turns out we in Florida have only been shown the boring old cinnamon sugar churro, while those at the Disneyland Resort have a whole bunch of churro options to choose from, thanks to the California Churro Company in Downtown Disney. Cherry flavored churros! Grape flavored churros! There’s even salted caramel flavored churros! It’s like those of us in WDW are in the black & white Kansas part of Dorthy’s life, and Disneylanders get see the full color world of Oz. It’s not fair!Woah! (photo by Megan Stump)Churro menu. The Oreo dipped churro was not available. This would be like having one trip in your lifetime to Disneyland and Indiana Jones, Radiator Springs Racers, and their much better Pirates of the Caribbean all being down.  (photo by Megan Stump)A “grape” churro. (photo by Megan Stump)–Turns out the “colorful” churros that you see in the first picture are more of a visual aid to picture what the churro will taste like. The actual churros arrive looking pretty much like the regular ones we are all used to, but they are covered in “flavor crystals” (trademarking that before Guy Fieri steals it from us). The taste was “ok,” and seemed like grape Kool-aid on fried dough, but the king of the hill here is the CHURRO ICE CREAM SANDWICH.Close-up on the grape churro. EXPECTED A LITTLE MORE PURPLE HERE DISNEY! (photo by Megan Stump)–The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich is an interactive dessert (trademarking that one too) in which you get the churro “buns” along with a cup of ice cream to put in the middle. This was absolutely as awesome as it sounds.A churro ice cream sandwich? Someone’s peeked into the SATURDAY SIX dream journal. (photo by Megan Stump)The churro sandwich. It’s indescribably beautiful. (photo by Megan Stump)–# 3 –  Make Your Own Ice Cream BarSpeaking of interactive desserts, Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Parlor in Disney California Adventure has a neat treat in the form of hand-dipped ice cream bars which guests can customize to their liking. First you pick the type of bar (vanilla bean, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or mixed berry sorbet.) Then you choose the chocolate coating (milk or dark chocolate.) Finally you finish it off with a variety of topping options including colorful Mickey confetti, chocolate chips, white sugar pearls, blue raspberry bursts (pop rocks,) and rainbow sprinkles. True pros asked for “the whole herd” which gives you a little bit of everything.Hand-dipped ice cream bar topped with confetti Mickeys. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Hand-dipped ice cream bar with crushed peppermint, a seasonal offering. (photo by Megan Stump)Hand-dipped ice cream bar with white sugar pearls. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Hand-dipped sorbet bar with pop rocks. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Cross section of the sorbet bar with pop rocks. (photo by @bioreconstruct)–# 2 – Basically ANYTHING at Bengal BarbecueBengal Barbecue in Adventureland may be our absolute favorite quick service in any Disney park. While serving sizes have shrunk over the years, that shouldn’t surprise any of us who visit the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. The prices for almost all the items are under $5, and many of the snacks are served on a stick which has been proven time and time again to be the best possible vehicle in which to deliver meat. The Safari Skewer, offering bacon wrapped asparagus, is a crowd favorite, but you can’t go wrong with the Banyon Beef or Chieftan Chicken skewers either. While we were on our most recent visit there was even a new skewer with a theme to Disney’s latest movie Moana. This tasty skewer had grilled shrimp, sausage, and pineapple. Pro tip: order the Tiger Tails breasticks and then use the excess sauce from your skewer to dip it in.Bacon wrapped asparagus Safari Skewer. (photo by Megan Stump)Chieftain Chicken Skewer in a polynesian sauce. (photo by Megan Stump)A special for the Disney film Moana, a grilled shrimp, sausage, and pineapple skewer. (photo by Megan Stump)Pomegranate Piranha Lemonade. All-natural Odwalla lemonade with flavors of mango and pineapple, pomegranate pearls topped with a passion fruit-mango fruit foam. Note the Tiger Tail in the background (photo by Megan Stump)–# 1 – Hand-dipped Corn Dog (Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs)A while back we took a look at the iconic snacks at the Magic Kingdom, but there is no snack in Florida that is as iconic – or beloved – as Disneyland’s hand-dipped corn dog at the Little Red Wagon on Main Street USA. As the name says, these dogs are hand-dipped into a mouthwatering sweet cornbread batter and then fried to a crispy dark brown. Take a a minute and watch Gary Maggetti, a former Disneyland food and beverage director, tell the History of the Disneyland Corn Dog. We all owe a debt of gratitude who the unnamed Disneyland executive chef who took it upon himself to “make a better corn dog for the guests.” In our new world of $650 cabanas in Tomorrowland and up-charge dessert parties as far as the eyes can see, at times we forget the Disney Difference and why we all fall in love with these parks in first place. The hand-dipped corn dog is not just a great snack at Disneyland, it is THE greatest snack at Disneyland.THE corn dog to rule them all. (photo by James Rosemergy)Corn Dog! Corn Dog! Corn Dog! (photo by Guy Selga)–HONORABLE MENTION – Funnel CakesIf this Pineapple Upside Down Funnel Cake doesn’t get you over to the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country, I don’t know what will.(photo by Megan Stump)Actually, maybe I do know something that will get you to go. This CHURRO FUNNEL CAKE!Churro funnel cake. (photo by Megan Stump)–DOUBLE SECRET HONORABLE MENTION – Mickey Pancakes!While not technically a snack, the Mickey pancakes at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland just may be better than the Mickey waffles we adore here in Florida. How cute is that?!Mickey Pancakes. (photo by Megan Stump)Mickey Pancakes, making breakfast great again. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Rancho del Zocalo. (photo by Megan Stump)–WHATCHU TALKIN’ ‘BOUT WILLIS? INDUCTION: Tower Drop HotdogAt Award Weiners in Disney California Adventure is a hotdog that would give the next level bonkers dogs we have at the Grand Floridian a run for their money. Despite the looks of this monstrosity, Disneyland celebrity blogger Guy Selga swears that it is actually tasty.The Tower Drog Hotdog served on black noir potato bun covered with onion crunch. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! (photo by Guy Selga)So there you have it: Six Disneyland Snacks You Got To Try! See you next weekend for the latest installment of the SATURDAY SIX, where we’ll look at something fun from the world of Disney and Universal. If you enjoyed yourself, be sure to check out The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! articles (which we just celebrated our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY), or, for your listening pleasure, check out the E-Ticket Report podcast. You can also follow Your Humble Author on Twitter (@derekburgan)Due to the amount of sugar she ingested in Disneyland, SATURDAY SIX editor Megan Stump did – in fact – lose her mind.If you enjoyed this article, you will surely like the following:The Six Best Kept SECRETS at Walt Disney World’s EPCOTFATHER’S DAY SPECIAL: Celebrating Dads at Walt Disney World and UniversalThe Six Best Souvenir Cups at Walt Disney WorldSix Of Our Favorite Shows That Went to Walt Disney WorldYou Need a Disneyland Corn Dog Right NowSpecial Thanks to crack staff photographer Brandon Glover, DVC magnate Morgan Crutchfield,the Bio-est of all Reconstructs @bioreconstuct, alleged Disneyland gang member Guy Selga, celebrity Disney “hacker” James Rosemergy, and blogger to the stars Megan Stump for their invaluable assistance with this article. Be sure to also check out Brandon on The Park Blogger podcast with co-host Aengus Mackenzie and fellow Potterheads may enjoy Meg’s work on the Central Florida Slug Club.Maybe our new Guardians of the Galaxy overlords aren’t so bad after all…last_img read more

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Football feast for SA fans

By on December 19, 2019

first_imgFNB Stadium is one of the legacies of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.(Image: Bongani Nkosi)The legacy of the 2010 Fifa World Cup will stand South Africa in good stead, as the country prepares to stage yet another spectacular football tournament, this time the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon).South Africa received the nod to host Afcon 2017 after being pipped by Morocco for the 2015 event. The two were the only nations bidding after the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) pulled out.The Confederation of African Football (Caf) announced its decision on 29 January in Lubumbashi, DRC, after evaluating bids from the two competing nations.The South African Football Association’s (Safa) delegation, comprising its president Kirsten Nematandani, vice president Danny Jordaan and outgoing CEO Leslie Sedibe, concluded their bid in a 45-minute presentation before Caf’s announcement, as did Morocco’s representatives.Safa wanted the 2015 rights as it felt the country is more than ready to host Afcon within the next four years.“Considering that we have all the resources in place, our preference was to host the tournament in 2015,” said Nematandani in a statement.The country’s 2010 Fifa World Cup infrastructure has been widely acclaimed. Dazzling venues like FNB in Soweto, Moses Mabhida in Durban, Nelson Mandela Bay in Port Elizabeth and the eye-catching Cape Town Stadium are part of the international tournament’s legacy for South Africa.Billions were spent on building new and reconstructing old stadiums. Even low-key provinces like Mpumalanga and Limpopo now have world-class venues.The 43 500-seater Mbombela Stadium in Mpumalanga was built at a cost of R1.5-billion (US$140-million). Peter Mokaba Stadium in Limpopo cost the tax-payer about R1.24-billion (US$150-million) and can accommodate more than 45 000 spectators.The football World Cup’s 64 matches were staged in 10 stadiums across eight of the nine provinces. With such a wealth of experience, South Africa will not find it difficult to prepare for 2017.“I think we’ll rely on the legacy of the World Cup.  Our stadiums are in good condition,” said Safa’s spokesman Morio Sanyane in an interview.“Our roads are also good,” Sanyane added. “We did a great job in transporting people during the World Cup.”While main roads were transformed for the international spectacle, public transport also received a major boost in cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, where efficient Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems were introduced.Road to 2017Though Safa lost the bid for 2015 Afcon, it does not feel hard done by Caf and has congratulated Morocco.  “Safa has welcomed the decision of Caf,” Sanyane said.“We congratulate Morocco and wish them all the best in hosting this project of continental importance,” Nematandani said.Part of the preparations for the 2017 event will be to review Safa’s 2014 vision, a strategy that focuses on competitions like the 2012 Afcon in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea and the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.“Our strategy has to incorporate various aspects that will lead to the successful hosting of the 2017 Afcon,” said Nematandani. “2017 may seem far away, but the work starts now so that we are better prepared come the time.”Safa has confirmed that they will bid for the 2014 Fifa Club World Cup tournament, whose 2010 edition was hosted by the United Arab Emirates last December.Preparing Bafana for gloryIn 2017 it will be exactly 21 years since South Africa hosted Afcon. The historic 1996 contest took place in the four host cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, and national team Bafana Bafana snatched the top honours from Tunisia before 80 000 fans in magnificent style.But Bafana’s Afcon performance has slumped after their debut victory in the tournament. The best results the team has produced since then are runners up in 1998 and third places in 1999 and 2002. They went out in the first round in three Afcons between 2004 and 2008.Fans around the country were devastated when Bafana failed to qualify for the 2010 Afcon in Angola.However, the team started their 2012 qualifying matches rather well in 2010. Bafana, which beat France in the World Cup, went on to thump Niger 2-0 in their first Afcon qualifier at Mbombela Stadium in September 2010.They played to a 0-0 draw against Sierra Leone in an away match. The next qualifier is a contest against the resilient Egyptian team in March in South Africa.Bafana have four important home and away matches where they have to achieve top points to secure a place in next year’s tournament.Then it’s the race to qualify for the 2013 Afcon in Libya, and Bafana will also need to qualify for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.last_img read more

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Inner city kids learn about film

By on December 18, 2019

first_imgFilm + School is a film awareness and appreciation initiative run by The Bioscope Independent Cinema and the Goethe-Institut South Africa to introduce youngsters to the art of filmmaking. (Image: The Bioscope) MEDIA CONTACTS • Russell Grant   Co-owner, The Bioscope  +27 11 039 7306 RELATED ARTICLES • Education at the movies • A winning open education system • A taste of the film club experience • Macufe film week returnsTiisetso TlelimaPonte City is still the tallest residential building in Africa, a position it’s occupied since 1975. The unusual round, hollow-centre block of flats in Berea, in Joburg’s inner city, is home to 4 000 people, many of them migrants from across the continent.Their perspectives on how they are viewed in post-apartheid South Africa are explored in a poignant documentary, Africa Shafted: Under One Roof, which begins this year’s Bioscope Film + School cinema education series for inner city schoolchildren. The programme begins on February 6.Now in its third year, Film + School is a film awareness and appreciation initiative run by The Bioscope Independent Cinema and the Goethe-Institut South Africa to introduce youngsters to the art of filmmaking. The programme targets primary and secondary schoolchildren from under-resourced schools in the inner city such as Mahlasedi High School, New Model Private College and Metropolitan College.It has been designed to be as broad as possible to give the children an opportunity to engage in a wide range of film genres and structures, including fiction, documentary and animated film. This allows them to become familiar with the different modes of storytelling of the medium.“In the past, we looked at all the different kinds of animation and then we tried to make it interactive by bringing industry experts to talk to the kids,” explained The Bioscope co-owner, Russell Grant.“We had a guy who did a demonstration on animation and explained to the kids exactly how it works. How you take one photo and you move an object. Then you take another photo, and when you put the photos together you can see the object move.”Using the film as a starting point, the screenings involve discussions with the children. These are intended to encourage them to interrogate the subject matter of the film and the way in which it has been made. Discussions are on a wide variety of topics, including HIV and Aids, race, sexuality, gender, and migration. They are facilitated by Puleng Plessie, who approaches the schools and manages the relationship between the project and the schools.This year’s programme, which runs from February 6 to March 20, will introduce the children to the world of documentary filmmaking through five South African documentaries: Africa Shafted: Under One Roof (2011), Cradock Four (2011), Taking Back The Waves (2005), The Creators (2011) and Afrikaaps (2010). The topics they cover range from exploring life in the inner city and a history of the struggle against apartheid, to surf culture and an exploration of South African youth culture.Each screening is to a full house, with about 62 children attending each session. The screenings take place every Wednesday at 11am. “We are looking to do a season for every school term. Since we started in February 2011, the seasons have run across a few months,” said Grant.Making their own filmsIn 2011, the Bioscope worked with Nigerian filmmaker Akin Omotoso to make a film together with the children on migration. “We got them to [each] bring an object which they felt represented their belonging in any shape or form,” he explained.They were filmed presenting their objects to the rest of the class. These presentations were then cut into a film, which was later shown to the children. “They loved it because they got to be a part of a filmmaking process, which was fun … The film never had a formal name, other than The Belonging Film. We hoped to have them learn about what it means to belong to something as well as how one prepares and acts in front of a camera.”In November last year, The Bioscope and the French Season South Africa ran a project called the Home Movie Factory. It allowed members of the public, including the Film + School students, to make their own movies. Conceptualised by French filmmaker Michel Gondry, the Home Movie Factory was a collection of 12 film sets that each reflected an aspect of Joburg life, ranging from a downtown street to a Highveld campsite to a mine-shaft.Participants drove cars that didn’t move; flipped switches to change the time of day and played with other interactive elements to tell their stories. The idea was that any member of the public, for free and for fun, could come into the factory and make his or her own movie.“So there’s a range of sets and props and you make a movie. So the kids came and made their own films,” said Grant. “We wanted everyone to take part and it was very important that the same inner city school kids also made use of the Home Movie Factory.”The films made at the Home Movie Factory were not necessarily for the public, but the children themselves left with a copy of the movie they had made, he added.last_img read more

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GMSA wins R6bn US export contract

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first_img2 July 2013 General Motors South Africa (GMSA) and component manufacturer Tenneco South Africa have been awarded a R6-billion contract to export catalytic converters for GM’s next-generation V-6 engines to the United States. The converters will be manufactured at Tenneco’s clean air plant in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and will be used for vehicles sold in the US from 2015 to 2022. GMSA and Tenneco have been in partnership for over 12 years to produce catalytic converters for the US market, and current export levels are 2.6-million converters per year for use on 17% of all vehicles manufactured by General Motors around the world.‘Supporting strategic export growth’ “The decision to award this contract to South Africa is a great show of support by our parent company, as it comes ahead of a clear legislative framework by the South African government to support the strategic growth of exports,” GM Africa’s managing director, Mario Spangenberg, said in a statement last week. The programme will provide a boost for the Eastern Cape economy as it will create employment in manufacturing, supply and support services. The country’s mining sector will also benefit from the programme with a projected need for 10 tonnes of platinum group metals over the duration of the project. “Supplier operations in South Africa are competing with other operations around the globe. In order to attract business, suppliers need to be globally competitive in the critical areas of both cost and productivity,” said GM’s international operations vice- president for global purchasing, Johnny Saldanha. “A key characteristic of vehicle manufacturing is that we often have to plan as far as five years in advance for the next vehicle programmes. “Tenneco and General Motors have long and proud associations in South Africa spanning many years. We are delighted to have been selected by GM for this critically important programme,” said Tenneco country manager, Gary Keen. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

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Sarbanes-Oxley: The Unsung Benefits

By on December 17, 2019

first_imgIn an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Healey, senior fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, outlines benefits and positive results coming from Sarbanes-Oxley legislation that he thinks many are over-looking:The US economy, rather than being stunted by over-regulation, has increased 67% or $4.2 trillion in market value between June 2002 and June 2007.AMR Research found that companies have had to pony up $6 billion in 2006 to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley. But Healey points out that in the Enron case alone that shareholders lost $60 billion.  It’s a form of insurance and a best practice.A report from Moody’s shows that company’s internals controls and procedures have dramatically improved over the last five years.Audit fees, while initially high after implementing Sarbanes-Oxley, decrease with each year after implementation.There is an implicit agreement by many that Sarbanes-Oxley is the right thing to do. Japan, France, Canada and China are copying the legislation.last_img read more

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By on November 7, 2019
first_imgWelcome to another edition of Sixty Seconds in Touch… * The staff of TFA were delighted to attend the wedding of our Media and Merchandise Manager, Rachel Moyle as she married Duncan Grant on Saturday. The happy couple are currently on their honeymoon in the Whitsundays, therefore Rachel will not be in the office for the next two weeks. See the homepage for a picture of the stunning bride! * The October 14 deadline to sign up with TFA under the new Unitary Management model is quickly approaching. Stay tuned to the website for news regarding the issue. * The Grand Finals of the Vawdon Cup take place this Friday night. With all matches promising to be quality contests, the Womens Premier League Final starts at 8.40pm with Canterbury versus Wests. The Mens Premier League Final between Wests and Central Coast kicks off at 9.30pm. Finals start at 7.00pm, so be sure to get down to Tempe and watch some of the best Touch players in the country. * Brisbane City are holding muster day for the Cobras Representative Teams for the Senior Divisions on Saturday 15th October and on Sunday 20th November at 2pm. Please contact brisbanecity@qldtouch.com.au for more details. * Monterey Keys Touch Association are holding their 3rd Annual `Touched By Cancer’ Touch Carnival on Sunday 30th October at Robert Dalley Park, Monterey Keys. The tournament is designed to raise money for a local charity and schools. The proceeds from the junior teams go to a local school which the team decides on a nomination form. Proceeds from adult teams go to the Gold Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group. It promises to be a fun, social day. Places are limited, so don’t miss out. See www.qldtouch.com.au for more details. * Victoria Touch Association has organised a `Trans Tasman’ clash that will happen this Sunday the 16th of October at Elwood Park Touch fields. The challenge will be a showcase of the state’s best Touch talent as the players strive to make their home countries proud. See www.victouch.com.au for more information. * NSWTA are calling for qualified referees to attend the Years 7 and 8 All Schools Final to be played at Thomas Dalton Park, Fairy Meadow on the 4th of November. Please contact NSWTA if you’re interested. By Lisa Plummerlast_img

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10 months agoLukaku set to miss Solskjaer’s Man Utd kickoff

By on October 28, 2019

first_imgLukaku set to miss Solskjaer’s Man Utd kickoffby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United striker Romelu Lukaku is struggling to make Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first game in charge.The Daily Mail says it’s understood that Lukaku has spent this week on compassionate leave and is unlikely to return to the club until Boxing Day. He will not be available to Solskjaer until United face Bournemouth on December 30. The news is a blow for the 45-year-old Norwegian, who started a six-month stint in charge of United on Thursday. Solskjaer is expected to restore Paul Pogba to the line-up at Cardiff on Saturday after telling the squad they will have a “clean slate” under him. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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a month agoBruce happy with Newcastle’s market approach

By on

first_imgBruce happy with Newcastle’s market approachby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveNewcastle United boss Steve Bruce is happy with the club’s market approach.Now working alongside Steve Nickson, Newcastle’s head of recruitment, Bruce believes the club’s current transfer policy is the way forward.“I agree with the policy. I agree with it because it’s everybody’s policy. There’s not many that want to spend big, big money on a 29-year-old,” he told reporters ahead of Sunday’s game against Leicester City.”Tottenham is the same, Man U is the same. We’re not alone in this. If you’re going to spend big, big money then it makes sense to spend it on a younger one than someone who is 29 or 30.”All the Premier League teams really are looking at that. If there is one out there who is a Bosman, an Andy Carroll, or Fede [Federico Fernandez], we’ve bought experienced ones, too.”If you’re going to really, really spend, big money, you’re going to spend it on a young one. I agree with that.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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Photos: Desmond Howard’s Jersey Is Being Retired At Michigan Today

By on October 27, 2019

first_imgDesmond Howard seen on the jumbo-tron after getting jersey retired.Twitter/@chengelisCollege GameDay viewers may have noticed that a key member of the panel was missing today. Desmond Howard was not in Stillwater, because he is up in Ann Arbor, having his No. 21 retired ahead of today’s Michigan vs. Ohio State game. So @DesmondHoward honored — retired jerseys pic.twitter.com/DuxvNsQxRw— angelique (@chengelis) November 28, 2015Desmond Howard’s #21 flies over the Big House. Congrats, @DesmondHoward. pic.twitter.com/nKPcnVi7AW— College GameDay (@CollegeGameDay) November 28, 2015Michigan honoring Desmond Howard today by retiring his jersey. pic.twitter.com/olxySgO2MA— Dan Murphy (@DanMurphyESPN) November 28, 2015Hanging with my boy @DesmondHoward Go Blue!! pic.twitter.com/ihL2OuwNif— Jay Feely (@jayfeely) November 28, 2015Honoring this guy right now – Congrats to my classmate @DesmondHoward ! #goblue pic.twitter.com/GgEk5zLOwi— MVictors (@MVictors) November 28, 2015Getting a jersey retired at a place like Michigan is a pretty incredible feat, but Howard deserves it. In 1991, he cleaned up the award circuit, taking home the Heisman Trophy, Walter Camp Award, and Maxwell Award.last_img read more

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Chief urges calm as police scour northern Manitoba community

By on October 14, 2019

first_imgThe chief of the northern Manitoba First Nation of York Landing alerted the community RCMP were on their way just before 6 p.m. CT.“Everyone please remain indoors with your doors locked,” Leroy Constant said on Facebook. “And all vehicles should be parked.“Please share the message with those who don’t have Social Media.”Constant said he’d received word of a possible sighting of Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18.APTN News is not disclosing where in the community the pair was allegedly sighted.More to come.last_img read more

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