15 years of the Rab Fair

November 20, 2020

first_imgThis year from The jubilee 25th Rab Fair is held from 27 to 15 July, the first and largest medieval festival that every year the town of Rab takes back to the past dating back to pre-Roman times.Rab Fair brings a breath of the past and celebrates freedom, every street takes on a breath of atmosphere – celebration, happiness, good vibes, while every place on the island has its own flag, which colors the center of Rab as it prepares to dive into the past. This tradition began in 1364, when the first Summer Festival or fair was held as a celebration of the liberation from Venice, in honor of Louis the Great, who declared Rab a free municipality. That day is also dedicated to St. Christopher, the patron saint of the town of Rab.Undoubtedly one of the most attractive summer events in Croatia, the city of Rab turns into a big stage that hosts a three-day event of reviving medieval history and customs. This tradition is still maintained today, and the celebration is joined by many local artisans who show there the diversity of local products. The tradition of knightly games has also been revived, so you can see the competition of Rab crossbowmen, costumes from the Middle Ages and taste delicacies that are prepared according to the original recipe from the 14th century. The whole city turns into a big stage and a folk celebration where you can see traditional, artistic and craft works.The whole festival gets its finale on the third day of the fair, on July 27, with the inevitable knights’ tournament. The ceremonial parade and archery competition of the Rab knights will surely delight everyone present. The smell of freshly fried snails spreads through the air, while the entire fishing village, built entirely with traditional tools, springs up on the beach, even toys for children. The streets resound with song and music as passers-by are offered tuna, fritters, cheese and wine.In the end, we can say only one thing – a phenomenal tourist story in which the whole city really turns into a medieval city and with a stage spectacle offers local and indigenous products packed into a great story.last_img

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