The obsolete bulldozer

January 14, 2020

first_imgDear Editor,It does not augur well for Region Six when at the very first statutory meeting at the beginning of the new year, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) was taken by surprise by an allegedly massive corrupt deal which was exposed by RDC Councillor Zamal Hussain.The region purchased an obsolete D4D bulldozer which was reportedly manufactured in the 1970s for a whopping $15 million while a brand new D7 Caterpillar Bulldozer sells for $16 million.What is more astonishing was the fact that this machine was parked outside the RDC compound with the top officials not even aware of its arrival. The REO heard about its ‘arrival’ at the meeting when the issue was raised.She admitted that someone should have inspected the machine to verify that it was according to the order specifications. I wish to submit here that a copy of the invoice which served as a Delivery Note should have accompanied the machine and that this should have been verified with the order specification. The engineer should have been the person doing this and communicated the delivery to the REO and the Chairman.He is responsible for taking the machine into the inventory. This is normal accounting procedure and the REO is the Accounting Officer and the Delivery Note signed by the Engineer should have been given to the REO. However, in all fairness to he,r she made a commitment to send the bulldozer packing once it is discovered to be defective and not according to the specification.The fact that the REO admitted that she knows nothing of the delivery and receipt of the machine begs the question of the effectiveness of communication at the highest level of the RDC, the effectiveness of the inspection process and the accounting for goods received to ensure that the goods received comply with the goods ordered in terms of the specifications.The inspection of the bulldozer by a team of competent engineers brought together by Regional Chairman David Armogan, exposed the fact that the bulldozer ordered was a D3 not a D4D Caterpillar and a part from the engine is ‘back pressuring’ (which means that it is at the end of its useful life) there are 10 other major defects which are natural since the D4D bulldozer was manufactured in 1970 and is now obsolete.Unfortunately, while the hastily done paint job on the bulldozer was done for cosmetic purposes, it could not have hidden its antiquity!Furthermore, there is compelling evidence to prove that this transaction smacks of corruption.I am calling for a proper investigation into this bulldozer deal and the culpable perpetrators to be exposed. If this Government wants to retard its downward slide and improve its ratings, then it needs to address the corruption which is galloping at break-neck speed in all directions and in all quarters!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councilor,Region Sixlast_img

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