More than 20 homes broken into at Bath Settlement

January 13, 2020

first_imgResidents of Bath Settlement, in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) have reported an alarming increase in the frequency of breakages into house over the past two months and are calling for more mobile patrols in the community.More than 20 persons reported to Guyana Times on Wednesday that they were victims of home invasion at least once over the past two months. Residents say the thieves have been removing almost anything.Three houses situated next to each other at Lutheran Street were broken into over a two-week periodRamphal, also called “Black Cha Cha” of Lot D 33 Waterloo, Bath Settlement, said the first of his three break-in’s was two months ago. He said he woke on a Sunday morning and noticed that his door was opened and also his freezer. Missing were a case of Coco Cola, a five-gallion bottle of cooking oil, a radio and groceries from his home. He said the intruders also ate the sausages from the freezer and left the empty packet behind.“The next night they come back again and go away with all the grocery… about two weeks ago was the last time they break into the house.” Ramphal did not report any of the incidents to the Police, saying that it will be very time consuming and it would be almost impossible for the Police to find out who the perpetrators were since on each occasion, they left no traces.Another resident, Angele Ragunandand, called “Teacher B”, reported to this publication that the first of three breakages at her home was one month ago. On that occasion, she said the lower flat of her home was broken into. It was during heavy rainfall and the family was asleep. The discovery was made the following morning. According to the pensioner, the thieves took a bicycle, two working bags and some documents.Ragunandand said four days later, there was a second break-in which was considered greater. During that break-in, all of the groceries in the house were taken. The groceries had been purchased for a wedding.On the third occasion, Ragunandand said the perpetrator was seen dressed only in underpants. All three incidents were reported to the Police.Another pensioner, Mansaram Persaud, said about a month ago he awoke and saw his front door open and louvers missing. “At about three o’clock I heard a noise and get up and take the torchlight and look around but I didn’t see anything so I go back to bed.” Three hours later, he discovered his door open and a laptop computer missing, along with a bottle containing bleach and food from the refrigerator.One day later Persaud found a crowbar in his back yard.Meanwhile, at Lutheran Street, three houses situated next to each other, were broken into over a two-week period. A mandir situated in the next street was broken into thrice, residents reported.Last Monday, the home of a Pandit at Furniture Street was broken into. Entry was made by shattering a glass window and then removing bars from the window. The home was ransacked and two laptop computers, a cellular phone, jewellery and cash were missing during that mid-afternoon breakage which was reported to the Police.On Wednesday, Guyana Times spoke with several others in the village who claimed to be victims of the home invasions as well, describing similar instances as Ramphal, Ragunandand and Persaud. Residents also say there are others but this publication has not been able to confirm those reports.Meanwhile, some of the items taken from the homes have reportedly been discovered at an unoccupied house.Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam when asked on Tuesday about the apparent increase in the frequency of home invasions at Bath Settlement, told Guyana Times that the Police were not in receipt of information which would suggest such increases.He noted that the Police had one person before the court for a breakage in the community. Chris Rampersaud was jailed on Tuesday for breaking into a Bath Settlement home on July 6.Amsterdam says persons need to report breakages to the Police.Andrew Carmichaellast_img

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