Investigation launched into marijuana smoking at Corentyne school

January 13, 2020

first_imgThe Tagore Memorial Secondary School Board of Directors are eagerly awaiting the findings of a probe into allegations that a school teacher has been using and offering marijuana to students of the school.Tagore Memorial Secondary SchoolChairman of the Board, Charlie Amar is confident that the investigation, when completed, will reveal the truth.Senior management of the school, which is located at Number 63 Village, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), had denied the allegations when they first surfaced a few weeks ago. However, some teachers told this publication that the teacher has been smoking in the vicinity of the school and has offered the drug to some students.Several teachers are of the view that the investigation will not reveal the truth.According to one teacher, they will be victimised if they were to say what has been taking place at Tagore Memorial Secondary School.Another said that teachers who enjoy the privilege of having time off to attend University during instructional time could lose that privilege if they were to issue a statement against the teacher in question.Regional Education Officer Volika Jaikishoon said following a meeting with the Board on Monday, a decision was taken to have the investigation launched.Amar is of the view that the investigation would be conducted fairly.Meanwhile, complaints were made to the Headteacher of the school, but no action was taken until parents called in the Department of Education.last_img

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