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January 6, 2020

first_img What responsibilities? Re “Other woman in the mayor’s life revealed” (July 3): Regarding our mayor’s extra-marital relationship, a married man I know marvels, “Between taking care of family and taking care of work responsibilities, where do these guys find the time to carry on an affair?” – Pauli Carnes Woodland Hills Re “Other woman in the mayor’s life revealed” (July 3): Call me old-fashioned, but when you’re still married and seeing someone else, it’s not “dating” – it’s called “cheating.” – Dolores Long Van Nuys Beyond repair Re “Other woman in the mayor’s life revealed” (July 3): It would be honorable, if any honor can be salvaged, if Villaraigosa resigned immediately. He is just another punk in the likes of Presidents Clinton and JFK who think values, morals and ethics need not apply to them. We voters are not going to give him any credence in what he says about anything in the future and he has hurt his daughters beyond repair. – Paul Vaughn Van Nuys Death is not too harsh Re “Bush allows Libby to scoot” (July 3): During Bush’s five years as governor of Texas, there were 152 executions. Not once did Bush grant clemency to a Death Row inmate. Yet now he finds any jail sentence for “Scooter” Libby to be too harsh. Am I the only one appalled by this hypocrisy? – Bob Meltzer Burbank The final straw Re “Bush allows Libby to scoot” (July 3): You can call this the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Bush administration decided to commute “Scooter” Libby’s sentence in order to buy his silence. What audacity! The only thing that the Bush administration deserves is its day in court. As an Independent, my loyalty is to our nation. – Bob Greene West Hollywood Wrong person Re “Bush allows Libby to scoot” (July 3): Well, where was he when Paris Hilton was sentenced to jail? – Ed Schlossman Thousand Oaks Compare crimes Re “Bush allows Libby to scoot” (July 3): Paris Hilton serves more jail time that “Scooter” Libby. What a country. – Alan Matis Sherman Oaks Halfway home Re “Mayor’s review in” (July 1): I am terribly pleased to see that our mayor has served half of his term. Some of his most challenging feats were to be seen and photographed at least 10 times a day by TV, magazines, or news services. His frequent trips are spent courting politicians from coast to coast, never missing an opportunity to leave our wonderful city. I must assume that travel payment comes from the city’s coffers. At this point our mayor is supporting the group that had a problem following the directions of the police in MacArthur Park. And to make things worse, we still have the potholes, we haven’t received the million trees, and our mayor has yet to accomplish what we need in this city. Maybe the sweet smell of Sacramento is luring him back. – Ira Kaplan Woodland Hills New era indeed In “New era dawning in L.A. politics,” the major says, “We want to see more Latinos elected … but they have to be people who represent everybody.” There is another quote that comes to mind: “Do as I say not as I do.” The only person our mayor represents is himself and what he can do to become our next governor. He needs to stay home once in a while and stop spending the taxpayer’s money jaunting all over the country and pay more attention to all of the people of Los Angeles, not just the Latinos. – Pat Dasse Chatsworth Junkets and migrants Re “AWOL” (Your Opinions, June 29): I agree with Dan Francis. Why wasn’t L.A.’s mayor here taking care of local matters instead of junketing off to D.C. supporting a flawed immigration bill? Why, just last week my foursome was approaching a hole on the back nine at the city Woodley Lakes Golf Course when 32 (we counted them) Canada geese come lazily marching in tight formation across the putting green as if legally entitled to be there. But they’re not! These lazy migrants have found L.A. an easy spot to land and stay. Why? Because as Dan Francis points out our mayor has become somewhat of a politically ambitious migrant himself and no one else seems to care. – Bob Ginn Arcadia Bush’s foreign policy The Bush administration’s foreign policy summed up: America is attacked Sept. 11, 2001, by mostly Saudi Arabian terrorists, Bush immediately blames Saddam Hussein, invades Iraq, then fingers the main enemy as al-Qaida, and all while American troops are assailed by mainly Sunni and Shia militias. Confused? Don’t worry, Bush is, too. – Bradley J. Kayl North Hollywood Proper perspective I hear daily about Barry Bonds’ pursuit of Hank Aaron’s home run record. At some point the question of Bond’s entry into the Hall of Fame will arise because of his alleged breaking of Aaron’s mark. To put the new record in proper perspective I have a suggestion I would like to make to Commissioner Selig. Simply add a new wing to the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. A “Steroid Wing.” This would be the proper venue for the accomplishments of Bonds, McGuire, and the rest of the enhanced performers. – Ed Mehlenbacher Van Nuys Supervisors failed Re “Supervisors to blame for MLK mess” (Viewpoint, July 1): Earl Ofari Hutchinson is right. The supervisors were elected (hired) to manage the business of this county. In the case of Martin Luther King-Harbor Hospital, they failed so badly that in a business sense they should all be fired. To make matters worse, bureaucrats in Washington and Sacramento are talking about taking action that would close MLK. What idiots. Medical care is already in crises. To close MLK would make the situation worse. What those bureaucrats need to do is hold the supervisors’ feet to the fire (so to speak) and make them do the job they were hired to do – manage. – Raymond Balikov Woodland Hills Doing it right Recently, I went to the emergency room at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. I was suffering from shortness of breath and bad coughing. As a former heavy smoker who had a heart attack 10 years ago, I was very worried and concerned about my condition. The staff of the Olive View emergency room made my situation much easier to handle. Through every step of the way, including registration, triage, diagnosis and treatment, I was greeted by a medical staff that was concerned, respectful, attentive and empathetic. It turned out that I had a bronchial infection and I am feeling much better now. I am writing this because I think the staff at Martin Luther King-Harbor Hospital should take a trip to Olive View to see how things are done correctly. – R.J. 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