Hours before the tribunal delivered its verdict, Chinas

November 24, 2019

first_imgForeign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China will not even officially receive the judgment of the tribunal as it has no legal basis.”It is true that we do not recognise and accept the so- called arbitration. We will have no legal connection with the arbitral tribunal and we will not accept what ever materials it provides”, he told a media briefing replying to questions whether China will receive a copy of the verdict of the tribunal.”We will not have any legal connection with the arbitral tribunal because from the very beginning we have not recognised this illegal organ,” he said.A second statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry after the verdict was released countered tribunals findings that Chinas claims over islands and the reefs in the SCS.”Chinas Nanhai Zhudao (the South China Sea Islands) consist of Dongsha Qundao (the Dongsha Islands), Xisha Qundao (the Xisha Islands), Zhongsha Qundao (the Zhongsha Islands) and Nansha Qundao (the Nansha Islands)”, it said.China has renamed the islands which were known in the area with different names like Spratly islands.The statement claimed that “the activities of the Chinese people in the SCS date back to over 2,000 years ago. China is the first to have discovered, named, and explored and exploited Nanhai Zhudao and relevant waters, and the first to have exercised sovereignty and jurisdiction over them continuously, peacefully and effectively, thus establishing territorial sovereignty and relevant rights and interests in the SCS”, it said.Following the end of the World War II, China recovered and resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao which had been illegally occupied by Japan during its war of aggression against China, it said.advertisement?To strengthen the administration over Nanhai Zhudao, the Chinese government in 1947 reviewed and updated the geographical names of Nanhai Zhudao, compiled Nan Hai Zhu Dao Di Li Zhi Lue and drew Nan Hai Zhu Dao Wei Zhi Tu (Location Map of the South China Sea Islands) on which the dotted line is marked. This map was officially published and made known to the world by the Chinese government in February 1948″, it said in apparent reference to the nine-dash line.China is so vocal in enforcing the nine-dash line that it publishes it in all the passports of Chinese to assert its claims. The statement said China has been firm in upholding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the SCS and cited various documents released to assert its claims over EEZ and the continental shelf. The ratification of UNCLOS have further reaffirmed Chinas territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in SCS, it said. (More) PTI KJV AKJ AKJlast_img

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